the happy afternoon

I was in Tulsa the other week, and it was quite an eventful time. For one thing, my collaborative project with photographer VC Torneden opened at the TAC Gallery. Our project is a multi-year look at the forgotten places along Route 66. In case you didn’t make it to Tulsa, you can see those images here.

And some friends of mine came up to the show – some from Texas and one from New Mexico.

And – as if driving like a million hours to get from Santa Fe wasn’t already more than enough, that friend (a great photographer, R. David Marks) gave me a vintage lens.

And then! There’s more!! I used that vintage lens and made some photos on a warm and sunny afternoon. This couple were having a happy day – there was much laughter coming from their part of the park

Guthrie Green
Tulsa, Oklahoma
photographed 4.8.2023

PS: The lens is a Super-Takumar 55mm f2.

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  1. A happy afternoon, alright


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