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These are days

This used to be a grand old place, but it’s obviously gotten over that now. It is more interesting this way – at least to my photographer’s eye.

Alice, Texas
Photographed 11.23.2019

Snarling Window

Without going into all the details*, back in college my friend Alice and I used to pretend we were from Alice, Texas, where we’d lived (of course!) on Melinda Street.

Until last week, I’d never actually been to Alice, Texas, and while I was there I looked to see if there was, in fact, a Melinda Street**. I didn’t find one, but I did locate a very photogenic abandoned house.

Alice, Texas
photographed 11.23.2019

*Because the only details I can remember are too embarrassing to commit to publication.
**My cousins’ last name was Street, but none of them were named Melinda.

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