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This is saddest baseball field that I’ve ever seen.

Tatum, New Mexico
photographed 6.27.2021

Outside of Out Field

I guess I never had this particular view of a baseball field before…

Littlefield, Texas
photographed 5.10.2020

It’s always off-season

I am assuming that when your town’s baseball field looks like this, it is always the off-season.

San Saba, Texas
photographed 2.16.2020

The Vendor

The vendor walked the same pattern thought the bleachers for the whole game: down the steps on my left, and up the ones on my right. I sort of watched him as much as I watched the game.

Dell Diamond
Round Rock, Texas
photographed 5.9.2017

The Scorekeeper

Well, check me out – taking a picture of a person!

I like to go to baseball games but I almost never care about who wins or know any players’ stats or any of that stuff. This gentleman is, from what i could tell, the exact opposite.

Dell Diamond
Round Rock, Texas
photographed 5.9.2017

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