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Moonlight Dining

My dad would have been 96 years old today.

When I was a kid, our family vacations were almost always spent camping in the mountains in Colorado (sometimes, for variety we’d go to Wyoming or Utah), and the trips would frequently coincide with the full moon. I guess as my dad rose in seniority at his engineering firm and he got preference with vacation requests, it got easier for him to plan trips around the moon. And like a lot of things, I am only now realizing that my current love affair with full moons started back when I was a kid. I have memories of camp sites that were so bright at night that there wasn’t need for the Coleman lantern or a flashlight for that last trip to the latrine before bedtime. Or the inside of the thick canvas tent, lit by diffused moonlight. Or the moonlight casting pine tree shaped shadows on the rock formations I’d spent the day climbing on.

So, of course, taking full-moon photos is a logical step, right?

Dickens, Texas
photographed 10.12.2019


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The Picnic Shelter (culturally appropriated)

Well…so…this is a real thing that I saw. It’s very near the location of the last battle of the Comanche tribe (which is often regarded as the end of the “Indian Wars” in the United States).

I’ll just leave it at that.

Dickens, Texas
photographed 12.26.2017

Where chairs go to die


This shot required the usual two u-turns on the highway. By the time I’d realized I was seeing a building that was falling down AND was full of old chairs, we’d already driven by. U-turn #1 got us back so I could get some shots of the place.

What a sight – all those chairs getting a bit of sun on a winter afternoon.

There was also a ginger cat having a bit of a rest on one of the softer chairs. He just blinked at me, yawned, and closed his eyes. I guess photographers stop so frequently that they are of little interest to a cat who needs his rest.

Later, I leaned against the car to pull stickers out of my shoes, then with u-turn #2 safely executed, we were back on the road.

Dickens, Texas
photographed 12.25.2013

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