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Buy 1 Get 1

In Texas, fireworks can legally be sold only during tightly-regulated times, leaving stands like this one to just, well, stand there for almost the whole year. They look pretty bleak without business but with the ever-present buy-1-get-1 offer. And on cold and icy days, they look additionally forlorn.

Smyer, Texas
photographed 2.10.2021


This is just the latest in my series of images of off-season fireworks stands. You can see the other photos here and here and here and here and here.

Acuff, Texas
photographed 8.3.2018

Seasonal Commerce

I like fireworks stands, probably because they’re closed almost all year. There’s something endearing about them, sort of hopeful, and patient while they wait for those few days each year when they can do some business.

Wolfforth, Texas
photographed 4.1.2017

Buy 1 Get 1


For various reasons, I’ve been in a bit of a shooting slump lately.

But I feel like I might be coming back. On Thursday morning, I noticed the way the sunlight played across this roadside fireworks stand. And on Friday, I brought my camera, pulled off the road, and made a few images. It felt right.

(Also, for you fireworks shoppers out there, it’s Buy 1 Get 1 every day.)

Smyer, Texas
photographed 12.4.2015

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