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This crossroads town has a community center, some ag-industry buildings, and a Methodist church. The historical marker on the church says it was founded in 1915 by the Rev. T. C. Willet, who rode his bicycle from Tahoka to preach here. (That’s about a 40 mile round trip on the current roads.) That was my second favorite thing about the church.

My favorite thing was this picnic shelter next to it, with that tiny square of shade to protect the picnicking parishioners.

Graham, Texas
photographed 7.28.2018

May 20

The school in Close City is about all that’s left of the town, which was intended to be a planned community of model homes and industry. It was, however, too far away from the center of the county to serve as the county seat and was abandoned in the early 1900s.

The school building is mostly boarded up now, but at one point, it was easy to get inside and wander around, either to spray-paint important messages on the walls (actual message: For a good time call me. Ask 4 Aimee.) or to take pictures. You can probably figure out what I did when I was inside…

Western Garza County, Texas

photographed 5.31.2010

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