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Shelter Tree

Here’s a tree, by a lake, on a summer day. In the winter the lake is covered with Canada geese, who winter (for some reason?) in Levelland.

Levelland, Texas
photographed 7.5.2019

at 38.6% capacity

If there’s no rain, there’s no lake to speak of. This lake is currently at only 38.6% capacity. However, there’s a lake only 50 miles away from this one that’s at 12% capacity, so that makes this one practically at flood stage.

Droughts are awful.

Lake Colorado City State Park
near Colorado City, Texas
photographed 3.16.2018

April 20

Hello, and welcome once again to “What the hell is that?” Day here at the blog.

So…what the hell is it?

It’s striated sand and crystal clear water.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

photographed 9.2004

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