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Taken by Storm


Sometimes we’ll go an entire spring season without any storms to speak of. This is not one of those years; between where we stopped for this shot and our house (80 miles) we:

  • saw this storm
  • skirted a storm that had a tornado
  • pulled off the road to let storm ahead of us move out of the way
  • saw power poles just a block from our house leaning over from wind
  • made it home just minutes before yet another storm hit

It was one of very few times in my life when the weather has frightened me.

near Clairemont, Texas
photographed 5.23.2020

The Bottom of the Storm


Sometimes, especially when the sun’s at a low angle, the bottoms of thunderclouds look even more dramatic than the tops of them do.

Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 5.13.2016

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