Check out these cables that I found wound up at a dock on a lake!

Lake Buchanan, Texas
photographed 11.29.2014

A vertigo-inducing view


This was the view down from my hotel balcony. Even though I felt queasy every time I looked down, I stuck it out long enough to make a photo. A quick photo – no microcomposition this time!

Portland, Oregon
photographed 6.10.2015



I really like peering into vacant buildings to see what sorts of things have been left behind. Usually I see piles of trash, or random things that weren’t important enough to pack up and move someplace else. Seeing an interior that’s mostly clean, and empty, is out of the ordinary.

Garden City, Kansas
photographed 9.1.2014



Those thick adobe walls protect the interior from the white-hot heat of a Texas summer.

Mission San José
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 9.6.2015

The Server’s Breakfast


Mi Tierra is open all night; there’s no way to tell if it’s 9:40 in the morning or at night.

The best thing about stopping here is that it reminds me of a song, which is a shocking revelation to my friend Ehpem. Lyle Lovett’s song “San Antonio Girl” rhymes “Mi Tierra’s and “huevos rancheros”, a rhyme scheme that’s unexpected to say the least.

Mi Tierra Restaurant and Bakery
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 9.6.2015


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