The Footprints sign left behind its own set of footprints, didn’t it?

Alpine, Texas
photographed 1.19.13

Outlined by the light


One January day, a friend and I were exploring the old cemetery in Tuscarora, Nevada, when my foot broke through the hard, dry snow and I fell, ending up flat on my back. In a cemetery. It was the tiniest bit disconcerting.

In this cemetery, I was flat on the ground again, but this time on purpose and on my stomach, to get the shot of sunlight on the iris leaves. (And for those of you keeping score, I did get one fire-ant bite.) (I would also like to point out that fire ants are appropriately named.)

at the cemetery
Knobbs Springs, Texas
photographed 2.28.2014



I am drawn to compositions like this one, with a roof slicing through the rectangle of sky. Sometimes less really is more, I suppose.

Caldwell, Texas
photographed 2.28.2014

Three flavors


Beats me. Maybe in the summer this car serves as an ice cream stand?

When I go someplace like Dime Box, where I’ve never been before, I have the feeling that everything has looked just the way I saw it approximately forever. (I know things have changed, of course, or all these old buildings that I find would still be pristine.) So, that car, with its numbered windshield, and the mysterious ice cream signage? Been that way for years. Right? So it was a tiny bit of a surprise to look at the same scene on Google Maps and notice that my perceptions are wrong.

Dime Box, Texas
photographed 2.28.2014

Off road


Because I am sure you want to know, here’s a short explanation of what “off road diesel” is.

“Off road diesel” is diesel that is for use exclusively for off road uses. Like farm vehicles or diesel generators.

It’s dyed (red, usually) to distinguish it from non-off-road diesel. It’s cheaper than regular diesel because its price does not include federal highway taxes. And, while you can burn it in your diesel car, for example, without harming the engine, you’ll be risking some tax evasion charges.

If you want more information – and who WOULDN’T want more information?! – you can go here.

Maple, Texas
photographed 2.16.2014


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