Shooting Alpine photo contest

I am happy to announce that my photograph A Substantial Sky was selected as one of the semi-finalists in the annual Shooting Alpine photography contest. You can go here for more information.

Melinda Green Harvey A Substantial Sky

from the balcony of the Holland Hotel
Alpine, Texas
photographed 8.17.2013



The road snakes its way back toward Santa Rosa, behind this adobe building, which I have taken the liberty of calling a duplex.

If you would rather go to Fort Sumner and it hasn’t rained in a while and you’re feeling brave, you can take County Road 2P. It’s neither paved nor fenced, giving the occasional traveler a very close look at cows.

Puerto de Luna, New Mexico
photographed 9.21.2013

Handmade marker


I’ve been to some fancy cemeteries – and have posted a lot of images from them – but the cemeteries I like the best are ones like these, in out-of-the-way towns that are mostly forgotten (the towns and the cemeteries, I mean.)

Last year, my friend Donna Catterick and I spent some time in Puerto de Luna, New Mexico, and of course the cemeteries were included in our itinerary. In El Calvario Cemetery, we spotted this tiny marker, clearly made by a family member and brought to the cemetery.

It reminds me of brown sugar that’s been pressed into a mold and then left in the elements to crumble away.

El Calvario Cemetery
Puerto de Luna, New Mexico
photographed 9.21.2014

Window air conditioner


Most of the main part of the Riverwalk is developed, with hotels and restaurants and bars competing for those tourist dollars. But every now and then, there’s a place that’s been passed by, that serves as a reminder of what the whole place used to look like.

This was one of those places.

the Riverwalk
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 10.24.2014

Please pay


Meanwhile, back in Santa Rosa, the paint’s so faded on the sign that it’s hard to tell where, exactly, you’d go to pay for your gas. But it doesn’t matter: neither the gas station nor anything in the direction of that arrow are still in business.

Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 5.4.2013


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