Implied electricity #2


These outdoor outlets are on the same block as yesterday’s electrical cable: another implication.

All of this talk of electricity reminded me of a song – “Stealing Electricity” by the great Tom Russell.

Quitaque, Texas
photographed 2.14.2015

Implied Electricity #1


This long-abandoned loop of electrical cable hangs on the east wall of a now-closed business. The cable has been there so long that it’s weathered past the point of redemption.

Quitaque, Texas
photographed 2.14.2015

The doors hold no mystery


The doors may not hold any mysteries, but who knows what’s behind them. (They were locked.)

South Plains, Texas
photographed 2.14.2015

The flag and the ficus


The Caprock Home Center is going out of business. Or maybe it’s already gone. It might have been the last business left in town, except for the thrift store at the other end of the block.

But the patriotic window stays on.

Quitaque, Texas
photographed 2.14.2015

PS – Autocorrect wants me to say “Caprice” instead of “Caprock,” which is just ridiculous, although it did remind me of my dad’s old Chevrolet Caprice, which was approximately the same size as this store, so maybe Autocorrect has a point.

Monochrome Madness, recap


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