There may not be anyone at home


But then again, I sort of feel like there could have been someone watching me from behind that partially-opened door.

It was that kind of place.

You’ve seen this town before:
“Crispy” tacos
The drugstore
A trailer house

Uhland, Texas
photographed 2.27.2014

Window unit


It’s a little hard to imagine that this small window air conditioner can keep the church cool on a summer Sunday in central Texas, but let’s assume that it does.

And move on to look at the way the only stained glass window remaining on the building is the piece of one under that a/c unit. I loved that part.

Alpha Word of Faith Center
Buda, Texas
photographed 2.27.2014

Night Light


The thing about nighttime in this part of Texas is that even in the middle of the summer, it cools off enough that it’s a shame to be inside. A hotel room with a balcony is the perfect place to watch mostly nothing happen in the street below, enjoy the night air, and take a few photographs.

Holland Hotel
Alpine, Texas
photographed 8.18.2013

Fat letters



I used to be a calligrapher, and actually spent quite a bit of time studying different lettering styles. Because I also used to be a drafter (or draftsman, or draftsperson) and once had a job where we had to fill up any empty time by practicing lettering, calligraphy came pretty easy to me. There were some styles I couldn’t learn (like Copperplate), some that were too much trouble (Blackletter), and some I really did enjoy (like the sample below, of something I actually did.)

But this fat-letter style wasn’t one I learned. Which is a shame since the field of graffiti seems to have outlived the field of calligraphy.

Austin, Texas
photographed 4.12.2014

Calligraphy sample

A bigger picture


Because we here at One Day | One Image try to provide as much information as possible (and some of it may, from time to time, be factual!), and because we were sure you’d want to know what the entire front of the building looked like, here is the whole thing.

And below, a detail from the window on the far right, which observant reader(s) will recognize from a previous installment here on the blog.


Alpine, Texas
photographed 8.16.2013


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