To feel small in the landscape


With all this recent Pacific Northwest stuff, did you forget that I was in New Mexico earlier this summer?

This wild and lyrical place is near Abiquiu; my class at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops visited there; our visit was cut short by a lightning-filled storm, which could also probably be described as wild and lyrical.

If you want to feel small in the landscape, this would be the place to go.

near Abiquiu, New Mexico
photographed 7.2.2014

Also, for anyone keeping score, today’s post marks number 1,000 here on One Day | One Image.

Beach stairs


Another shot at the pebble beach near Ehpem’s house.

It really did remind me of West Texas. Ha! Ha! Of course not! It was the opposite of West Texas.

Victoria, British Columbia
photographed 8.3.2014



In my early-morning wanderings at Pike Place Market, I spotted the tables at this restaurant all ready for the day’s customers. Every table was arranged exactly the same way – it was sort of a meditation.

Seattle, Washington
photographed 8.4.2014

Bar & Lounge


(Please excuse the interruption to my regular flow of non-populated shots. Things will be back to normal tomorrow.)

Pike Place Market
Seattle, Washington
photographed 8.4.2014

And so the day begins


If you ask me (which I realize you did not), the very best time to visit the famous Pike Place Market is early in the morning. How else can you see things like this, without vendors or shoppers?

Important Scheduling Note: you can get coffee as early as 6:00 a.m.

Pike Place Market
Seattle, Washington
photographed 8.4.2014


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