Town’s simple rhythms

I stopped to get some photos of a car wash (I always think I’ll like photos of car washes, but to date I haven’t actually made any that are bloggable.) It had rained earlier in the day, and that nice puddle caught my attention, and then I saw the reflection of all that stuff.

And the car wash photos? I’ll just say you won’t see them here.

Goliad, Texas
photographed 5.6.2019

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  1. Richard Owen

    A great “ Americana “ shot.


  2. Great shot! This one has my imagination firing in all sorts of ways. The reflection is cool and I like how the line connecting the steeples (real one and reflection) passes through the garbage can… not sure if that was intentional. What really stands out to me is how the diagonal lines formed by the street and the joint in the concrete separates the church (higher purpose) from the day to day (mundane). In my mind, the reflection adds emphasis to this higher purpose. Well done!


    • I am glad you found so much to see in the photo; to be really honest, you saw more than I did when I made the shot. I was working on getting the steeple, the vacuum cleaner, and the white building on the right lined up in the puddle. That left everything else to fall where it was.

      But, I really do like your interpretation. And I wish I’d been smart enough to have come up with it! Thanks for taking the time to give the photo such a good look, and to take the time to post your insightful comment.


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