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Moonlight Dining

My dad would have been 96 years old today.

When I was a kid, our family vacations were almost always spent camping in the mountains in Colorado (sometimes, for variety we’d go to Wyoming or Utah), and the trips would frequently coincide with the full moon. I guess as my dad rose in seniority at his engineering firm and he got preference with vacation requests, it got easier for him to plan trips around the moon. And like a lot of things, I am only now realizing that my current love affair with full moons started back when I was a kid. I have memories of camp sites that were so bright at night that there wasn’t need for the Coleman lantern or a flashlight for that last trip to the latrine before bedtime. Or the inside of the thick canvas tent, lit by diffused moonlight. Or the moonlight casting pine tree shaped shadows on the rock formations I’d spent the day climbing on.

So, of course, taking full-moon photos is a logical step, right?

Dickens, Texas
photographed 10.12.2019


PS – Are you bored? Here are two things I wrote that started with vacation memories: One. Two.

Room 7

Across the High Plains you can see the remains of buildings that were once used to house migrant farmworkers who moved through the area as they followed the crops. Most of the places are in really bad shape – some have already fallen over, in fact.

This place was, by typical standards, actually pretty nice. It had a roof, even. We chatted up the folks nearby (they were building a fence); they said there was a plan in place to redo this building, letting it once again be housing.

Acuff, Texas
photographed 10.12.2019

Where football is king

My photographer pal Ginger Sisco Cook was in town and we spent a lovely Saturday wandering around to see what we could see. And to photograph what we could photograph. And one thing we found was the football stadium in Roosevelt, Texas.

Also, in case you were wondering, Ginger makes just as many u-turns as I do. And that’s saying a lot!

Roosevelt, Texas
photographed 10.12.2019

Forest Mirror

The mirror was lurking, trying to fade into the forest, but it just didn’t work.

Split Rock Lighthouse, Minnesota
photographed 9.25.2019

Framed View

What a lovely coincidence that these three things all fell into place the way they did:
-a view of the Split Rock Lighthouse
-which was right there at the wide spot in the road
-where the trees were short enough to not block the view

The odds of that happening must have been astronomical!

Split Rock Lighthouse, Minnesota
photographed 9.26.2019

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