Shadow Line

There is a surprising amount going on here, from the four circles to the one a/c unit to the stone trim to the boarded and bricked windows to the rhythm of the tiny arches.

But the best part was the shadows slanting away from their source.

Brownwood, Texas
photographed 5.23.2020

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  1. Your asymmetry is very symmetrical because the shadow’s in the exact center. But you need more coffee: five circles.


  2. Thank you for sharing you ideas .I appreciate you


  3. Yes, all that and faux keystones too. I like the brickwork of the pilasters also. It’s a shame such an interesting structure is boarded up. I hope someone deems it worthy of a rehab. Is Brownwood another failed town?


    • Brownwood is larger than a lot of the places I photograph and has more going on – a small college, a 3M plant (where they make reflective tape for signs and safety vests), and a prison. There are still some viable businesses downtown, too, but as much as I’d like to see this place restored, I’m not sure it’ll ever happen. Too bad, because it really does have potential. Also it really does (probably) have asbestos and lead paint….

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      • Prisons are real moneymakers. We’ll never see reform as long as for profit prisons exist. Maybe some of the change people are demonstrating for could affect that since the courts are much to willing to send black folks away for minor crimes.

        The shell certainly does and possibly the interior. If someone wanted to turn it into something profitable then that might offset the remediation costs.


      • I was actually thinking about for-profit prisons the other day, as I drove through Eden, Texas, where the only noticeable industry is such a place. (High Irony Alert, too, with a prison in Eden.) Privatizing prisons only incentivizes incarceration, because private prisons make more money if the places are full. And this of course disproportionately impacts low income and people of color. It is a depressing situation, but as you note, maybe there will be some changes as a result of the demonstrations.


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