Failure (Eleven Frames)

In the 1960s, someone thought Lubbock was just the place for an amusement park, so they built one. It was called Rimrock City, and it had staged shoot-outs, a restaurant, a miniature golf course, a zoo, and some other attractions.

It’s been gone for years, although the concrete curbs from the golf course are still there, as are the frames on that ridge that used to hold the letters spelling out RIMROCK CITY. But this is what bothers me about it – was there really not a space before the word “city”? Or did the sign actually say RIMROCKCITY? I sure wish I could remember…

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 1.23.2021

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  1. Gotta wonder why they left the frames behind…


  2. I never got a chance to get out to see this place, but my mom, dad, & sister did. I remember seeing the sign, but can’t remember if there was a space either. This was on the road going toward Buffalo Lake, too. 🙂


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