I was walking around the now-abandoned hospital (the one where my grandpa died, but I wasn’t getting any weird feelings about that) when I saw the way the afternoon sunlight was slanting across the rough stucco wall. And then I noticed the stain left from the old downspout. Not a bad pair of things the old place had to offer.

Littlefield, Texas
photographed 2.28.2021

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  1. Great patterns of light, Melinda


  2. Great play of light and texture – well made.


    • Thanks, David. This was in a sort of hidden corner of the building and I only found it because I walked all the way around. Being nosy (or inquisitive!) pays off sometimes.


      • Inquisitive – I like that attitude 🙂 if its not private property and there are no ‘keep out’ signs, it’s always worth a look.
        Like always looking behind and seeing things from a different angle.


      • “Walk around back” is one of my main photographic rules (unless there’s a keep out sign or it’s private property, as you mentioned). Most of the really cool stuff I’ve photographed has been behind the main thing that I *thought* I was there to see.

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