Tired of your family? Try a loaner!

What a great idea! If your family has gotten on your very last nerve and the thought of even ten more minutes with them is more than you can stand – maybe this business can help! Apparently, they can loan out a new family to you. Come on – you know you want try.

(I do not know if they also offer permanent new-family placements, or if it’s a loan-only sort of operation.)

Temple, Texas
photographed 7.18.2021

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  1. 😳 😄😄😄😂


  2. I wonder if you can just loan yours out and take a vacation?


    • That is a really good idea – how come no one came it with it before now, I wonder?

      (I once proposed a change to the vacation benefits where I was working – my idea was that if you had to take a vacation with your extended family, instead of using up your vacation hours, you actually accrued more. I think it was genius, but it was never implemented.)


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