Municipal Government

There was a time, early in my career, when I thought that the field of city management seemed particularly interesting and worth pursuing. I think I started to rethink that position when the city manager told me that a gentleman here in Lubbock phoned him every morning that the garbage truck woke him up. “I’m awake and you should be, too.” was the message every time.

But I still notice city halls when I travel.

Teague, Texas
photographed 8.14.2021

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  1. You mean you can call the city to complain about the garbage trucks waking you up? Man! I’ve been missing so much!

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    • Actually, this guy was calling the city manager AT HOME – yikes!!

      You can call the city to complain about anything. I used to work for the transit system and once received a complaint from a woman who really needed me to know that the bus driver had said good morning to her, but “he didn’t mean it.” Yep. The nerve of that driver!!


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