if you have a complaint

That little sign in the window says, “If you have a complaint…”

The woman I met just down the block had plenty of complaints. She started our conversation by saying, “Can I hep yew?” in a way that made it clear that what she really want to “hep” me do was leave.  But then she got to talking (as we say in Texas) and I learned some things:

  • There are “about” 58 people in Putnam
  • She’s 66 and her husband is 68 and they are the youngest people in town.
  • She hates living in Putnam. Just hates it. Always has.
  • Her dream is to move to Abilene.
  • People in Putnam are mean. They won’t talk to you.
  • She hates it there.
  • Everyone moved there just to be left alone.
  • She just hates it.

It was hard to see an end to the conversation – once she got started she definitely warmed to her topic! – so I wished her a good day and told her that I hoped her dream of moving to Abilene came true. She said, “Oh I cain’t move until my husband dies. He ain’t leavin’ here.”

And ever since then, I’ve worried about her husband’s long-term life expectancy.  If you know what I mean.

Putnam, Texas
photographed 8.7.2022

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