I was starting to think I’d hit the photographic wall – I was uninterested in making photos and when I did get myself out to shoot, the results were not particularly interesting. I was about to decide to get worried about it.

Then, I went to Dallas and on a quiet Sunday morning forced myself to get out and look at the neighborhood near my hotel. And that’s how I happened to see a window display of butts. And the light traffic on that Sunday morning made it very easy to make a u-turn to get back to them.

Now, I may still be sort of slumpy, but the opportunity to photograph some butts did make me feel a little better about the whole situation.

(And as an added, and amusing, benefit, this gave me the chance to use the word “butts” a lot more than I generally do in a post. So there is that.)

Dallas, Texas
photographed 3.26.2023

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  1. Nothing like a window of butts to re-spark creativity!


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