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Many hurdles

Sports are a Big Deal in rural Texas communities, so no visit to a small town is complete without making a trip out to the stadium, which is how I found where the Brady school district stores the hurdles until track season.

Brady, Texas
photographed 2.16.2020

If you need to stop for the night


Say you’ve decided to check out the West Sweden Cemetery for yourself, and need a place to spend the night. You might check here first, seeing as it’s got refrigerated air as well as vented heat. I’m not all that sure what “vented heat” is, but it must be nice if a fancy place like the Hi-Way Motel has it.

Brady, Texas

photographed 1.19.2009

West Sweden Cemetery


Don’t get confused by the foliage – the West Sweden Cemetery is actually located in McCullogh County, Texas, near the town of Brady.

It’s sort of a sad ending for Sr. Nandin. The cemetery registry lists his name as “Joaquin Nandin Fallecio”, even though “fallecio” means “died.” Either way, he was 55 when he passed away in 1929, and he was, as the marker says, remembered by his children.

McCullogh County, Texas

photographed 1.18.2009

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