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eye see you

Sometimes things that seem delightfully and coincidentally whimsical don’t hold up to even the tiniest bit of research. I was just enchanted that, from inside the lobby of the Joule Hotel in Dallas, I could look across the street and see the famous giant eyeball sculpture. I sort of felt like I was an important Art Explorer to have noticed this Most Amazing Thing.

And, then: Google struck. I learned that the sculpture, by artist Tony Tasset, was originally part of temporary installation in Chicago. And then in 2013, it was purchased and brought to Dallas by the Headington Companies. Who are the Headington Companies, you may be asking yourself? Turns out it’s who owns the…Joule Hotel.

So what I assumed to be coincidental whimsey is much more likely to be a purposeful placement of both pieces of art.

(And so this ends today’s installment of Another Time I Wasn’t As Smart As I’d Hoped. Thank you for your interest.)

Dallas, Texas
photographed 4.8.2022

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