Memorial Directory

Once, in Lebanon, Nebraska, we were looking in a cemetery for a particular grave. The posted map didn’t match the cemetery’s layout at all – for all the help in provided it could well have been a map of the country of Lebanon.

I always do look for the map (or in this case, the fancier-sounding Memorial Directory) when I’m wandering around cemeteries. It’s sort of like how I always want to see the caretaker’s shack: it ties into my continual interest in the way things work.

Vega, Texas
photographed 10.9.2021

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  1. I always just check online – I didn’t actually know cemeteries had maps on site!


    • My experience is that, at best, they are marginally helpful. Sometimes the maps don’t even seem to be of the cemetery they’re supposed to represent. Or, there’s enough water damage that you can’t read them. A recent find was a cemetery directory that had photos pinned up and every photo but one was faded to a completely white rectangle.


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