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Holy Light


On the way from Pecos, New Mexico, into the Pecos Wilderness, travelers will pass by a little adobe church. Some travelers will stop to look around and make some photos. And some of those travelers will walk around the church and peer into a small, dirty window to see what’s there.

And this is what they will see: a crucifix and a lantern, bathed in the holy light from the other side. Of the room.

El Macho Church
near Pecos, New Mexico
photographed 3.22.2015

August 23

It’s funny* how these themes just show up on their own.

Two days ago, I recommended walking down alleys to find photographs. Then yesterday, I said not to forget about walking down the street for the same purpose.

Which brings me to today, when I say that it’s a good idea to walk behind things, too. That’s where I found this scene: behind St. Anthony’s Catholic Church.

Maybe what it’s taken me three days to say is: get out of the car and walk around a little bit.

Pecos, New Mexico

photographed 8.13.2004

*Well, funny to me, at any rate.

April 18

Go to Pecos, New Mexico. Find the highway that leads north to the Pecos Wilderness. Drive for a while – I don’t know how long – and you’ll find this church on your left. If you time it just right, you’ll be there in early afternoon, in the summer, and those clouds that bring afternoon rains will be building up. But even if the sky’s clear, you should stop and look around.

El Macho Church
in the Pecos Canyon
San Miguel County, New Mexico

photographed 8.14.2004

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