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The artist at work

A tattoo artist, getting ready for her next customer, during a recent tattoo expo.

Lubbock Tattoo Expo
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 2.2.2019

A wide range of options

Last August, I got a tattoo on my leg, to cover up the scar from knee-replacement surgery. I hated the scar, which made me feel really old since knee-replacement is sort of an old-person’s thing. I am aware that the tattoo is far more visible than the scar, and that my logic could be considered a bit flawed. But it makes me feel better about the whole situation.

And it gave me the cred I needed to head over to the local tattoo expo the other day.

I can’t explain my recent need to photograph people, though.

Lubbock Tattoo Expo
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 2.2.2019

Weariness of travel

Remember the other day, when I said I didn’t make pictures of people, unless I did make pictures of people?

Same, here.

Houston Hobby Airport
Houston, Texas
photographed 1.14.2018

I must be confused


What’s going on here? Color? People?

(This shot is brought to you to satisfy my brother-in-law, who thinks that photographs lacking color and people are, well, lacking.)

San Antonio Central Library
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 9.5.2015

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