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never miss an opportunity

Of course, if you have important information that you need to get out the general public, you should never miss an opportunity to turn a bench in a restaurant foyer into a distribution location.

And, also, if you’re a photographer, you should never miss an opportunity to tote your camera in with you at a lunch stop in the middle of Kansas.

Russell, Kansas
photographed 12.11.2020


We stopped in at the local place for a late lunch a few weeks ago. And of course I took my camera in with me. And this foyer made me realize that I had definitely made the right decision. And of all the things going on in that foyer, my absolute favorite is the double shadow cast by that single coat hanger.

My more civic-minded readers may be interested in knowing that the Rotary club meets at 12:15 on Tuesdays and the Kiwanis club is on Thursday at 12:05. And everyone needs to know that once I was giving a presentation to a local civic club; when I asked the restaurant hostess where the Kiwanis club was meeting she said, “Iguanas?” I don’t have a single idea what I was talking to the club about but I’ll never forget what her question.

Russell, Kansas
photographed 12.11.2020

Spoon and knife

We found a place for lunch by using that time-tested technique of looking to see what cafe had the highest number of pickups parked in front of it.

I ordered a burger, and the waitress said, “Now, it comes with pickles unless you don’t want pickles. Then we’ll leave them off.” I agreed to pickles, but didn’t realize until lunch arrived that she meant it came with ONLY pickles: a minimalist burger. We were on the end of the lunch rush – by the time the 1:00 siren sounded* everyone but us had left to head back to work.

Here’s a couple of other images from the place, which I shot with my phone:

Exeter, Nebraska
photographed 8.29.2018

*No kidding. There really was a 1:00 siren, which of course inferred that there was noon siren as well.

Open all day

It’s nice to know that even on bank holidays this place will be open.

Arundel, England
photographed 5.31.2017

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