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I am not sure why all these crosses were lined up along the street on the outskirts of Española.

I’ve stopped at a lot of roadside crosses, and almost all the time they indicate a place where someone lost their life along the roadway. But this seemed different, somehow. For one thing, there were so many of them. And the death dates were different. Maybe over time, this has developed into the most dangerous roadway in the state. Or maybe over time, this has developed into an ad hoc location to put up a cross for a deceased loved one, if you can’t afford a traditional gravesite.

Española, New Mexico
photographed 9.1.2019

…and then, the weather moved in

Sometimes, plans just don’t work out.

We thought it seemed like a good night to stay at our land out in the country. There’s no house, but there is a big covered gazebo. We took cots and bedding and snacks and booze and were ready for a nice time. We hadn’t been out there long when the weather took a turn.

By bedtime, we’d returned home…

Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 7.3.2017



My Patient Spouse said, “There are some great storm clouds south of town. Let’s drive out that way so you can take some photos.”

He was right – the clouds were very nice. But I turned my back to them (literally) because I saw this sign. You’d think he’d be used to that sort of behavior by now!

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 6.2.2016

Possibility of Storms


I arrived in Alpine in the middle of a thunderstorm. Later, I heard that it was the largest one-day total rainfall ever recorded.

The weather conditions were still good the next day for afternoon clouds to pile up, teasing us with the possibility of more rain.

near Alpine, Texas
photographed 7.10.2015

There was some more weather


This was taken about 40 minutes after this storm photograph, and is of a completely different storm. It was a good evening to be looking at the weather: there was a lot of it to see.

Oklahoma Panhandle
photographed 8.28.2014

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