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Cross (with hat and mask)

This is the same location I’d photographed in 2015, but nothing looked the same. I think this indicates even more fatalities at this particular intersection, but it might also mean that grieving families are still visiting and adding to their loved one’s memorial.

Ward County, Texas
photographed 6.13.2021

March 25

Along State Highway 18, where it intersects Farm Road 1219, is a tiny town called Royalty.

Maybe it was hit by a tornado. Or maybe it was hit by bad luck. At any rate, the 2000 census listed the population as 0 and the 2010 census failed to offer an opinion on the matter.

Royalty, Texas

photographed 12.19.2012

PS – Just like this place, Google Maps locates Royalty, Texas, in the wrong location. In case you wondered.

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