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Still life: an alley

Two days, two alley photos. Yep. That’s the way I roll.

Archer City, Texas
photographed 9.16.2021

it’s been a while…

It looks like it’s been a while since anyone pulled that vine off the fire escape stairs. But it adds a nice soft element in a downtown alleyway.

Wichita Falls, Texas
photographed 9.19.2021

Three arches


Another scene from an alley, this time in Austin.

I like the little window air conditioner.  And I like the scraggly tree, trying to make a go of it, even though it’s not likely anyone tends to it.  I like the metal door.  I like the texture of the wood at the top of the building and how it contrasts with the brick.

But mostly I like the three arched openings and the way they’ve been bricked in.

Austin, Texas

photographed 12.21.12


March 10

I found this gem in the alley between West California Street and West Mississippi Street, just off South Main Street.

Floydada, Texas

(By the way, Google maps indicates that there’s no other town named “Floydada.” But, if you recall from a few days ago, Google can be wrong. However, in this case, MapQuest concurs. So I think it is safe for us to assume that there is just the one Floydada. You will probably rest a lot easier tonight, now that we’ve cleared that up.)

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