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vegetables in the home

Sunday mornings around the square are pretty quiet. I assumed that most of the townspeople were home making sure their gardens were well-kept, as directed by the sign on the planter.

(Note: none of the plants in that planter were vegetables. In case you were wondering.)

Carlinville, Illinois
photographed 7.3.2022

from a distance it looked fine: a metaphor

If you are driving through Carlinville, there’s a very good chance you’ll spot the 1860’s-era Macoupin County courthouse. It’s tall. It has a dome. It’s beautiful.

Or rather, it’s beautiful, as long as you don’t look at it closely. A close look reveals that things are worrisome over at the courthouse.  The stone balusters are breaking apart, falling to pieces. There’s one place where the stairs have collapsed. Other places, pieces of the stone have just let go of the building. The longer you look, the more damage you see and the worse shape you understand the building is in.

It seemed like a metaphor for, well, a lot of things.

Carlinville, Illinois
photographed 7.2.2022

side door

The county courthouse in Carlinville stands tall and cuts an imposing silhouette against the backdrop of a small town. The building was constructed between 1867-1870 and has a lot of beautiful Beaux Arts details. But the thing that caught my attention was this humble side door.

Carlinville, Illinois
photographed 7.2.2022

time travel

Hey, so if you are in search of a motel that will let you time-travel back to 1983, I think I’ve found the place you’re looking for. It had:

  • Seafoam green carpet
  • Pink and burgundy wallpaper
  • Bedspreads
  • Headboards like in your childhood bedroom

But also it was clean and the noise from the window air conditioner gave me a bit of soothing white noise for a good night’s rest.

Carlin Villa Motel
Carlinville, Illinois
photographed 7.2.2022

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