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Many Skeletons

A sign of changing times: this particular scene, full of abandoned stuff, is repeated over and over again across Texas high plains farms.

Clarendon, Texas
photographed 12.27.2019

Hotel is Closed


This place has been closed for so long that the plywood over the (broken) windows is starting to fall apart. Not all that long ago, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed the state of the plywood, but now (thanks in part to Infrared Robert), I saw those holes as an opportunity, and looked inside. And took some photos, of course.

On the back door of the place, I saw a sign that said HOTEL IS CLOSED, which struck me as redundant. But only until I got home and started trying to find out what the place had been, and the sign was the only way I could tell that it had once been a hotel.

The winter sun was low enough that the hulk of the building cast a very nice shadow on the brick street; my vantage point wasn’t high enough to get a good shot, but you can see it here.

Clarendon, Texas
photographed 12.26.2014

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