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Not Responsible

Sometimes if I feel like taking photos but don’t quite know where to go, I’ll head to the nearby town of Littlefield, where I can almost always find enough subjects to fill up my time.

On my most recent visit, I looked through the windows of the out-of-business dry cleaners and was nicely rewarded with an assortment of junk. And some shirts, way back in the back, that I guess will never be reunited with their owner(s).

Littlefield, Texas
photographed 2.28.2021

Dry Cleaners

I was listening to the tour guides. Really, I was. But the inside of the confusingly-named dry cleaners required some photographic attention. And who better to provide it? (Other than, probably, nearly anyone else with a camera. But still.)

near Leavenworth and Post Streets
San Francisco, California
photographed 4.14.2019

PS. My rules keep expanding. Now we’re up to:
1. Look around back.
2. Look up.
3. Look the other direction.
4. Look through the window, if it’s a business or something and you’re not going to be creeping on someone just trying to enjoy a quiet day at home.

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