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December 10


This part of town used to have a lot going on, but it appears to have gotten over it.

East 23rd Street, near Ave. A
Lubbock, Texas

photographed 12.8.2012

December 9


Obviously, it’s been a while since Burger Boy #2 served up lunch to anyone.

East Broadway
Lubbock, Texas

photographed 12.1.2012

December 8

120812 color

What is going on here? This just can’t be right. Yesterday’s assignment for “color” was posted in black and white, because I liked it better that way. And here I am, back on the usual old buildings and I am posting it in color.

There really might be something wrong with me.

The thing that caught my eye with this shot was the pink window. I spotted it from a block away, and it just didn’t seem right to not show it in color.

But, to try to tip the universe back into rightness, here’s the same thing, in black and white.

120812 b&w

Whew. I feel so much better now.

Along Avenue M, between Main Street and 10th Street
Lubbock, Texas

photographed 12.1.2012

December 7


There might be something wrong with me (to state what’s probably blindingly obvious).

I am studying The Practice of Contemplative Photography; the assignment was “color” – specifically to “Keep a narrow focus on color. Look at color in a simple and open way…When you see flashes of color – free from concept – eye and mind will be on the same axis.”

I worked on the assignment over a few days – this shot was taken with my iPhone in a truck stop parking lot.

But, here’s why I think there’s something wrong with me: I posted my “color” assignment in black and white, because I like it better that way.

Santa Rosa, New Mexico

photographed 11.25.2012

December 6


This is pretty useful to know: Wig Trend is open on Saturday, but the law office next door is not. Please plan accordingly.

Lubbock, Texas

photographed 12.1.2012

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