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Burned Out

I am not sure what this used to be. Maybe it was a restaurant? Or maybe someone’s house?

I am sure that there’d been a fire here. I am like an arson investigator: I see charred wood on a structure and can instantly determine that there’s been a fire. Maybe you didn’t realize that I was so vastly talented.

Hays County, Texas
photographed 4.18.2021

The Heartland

What appears to be the world’s oldest and most ragged billboard welcomes travelers to the heartland of Texas, the home of former president Lyndon Johnson.

IRONY ALERT: President Johnson’s wife, Lady Bird Johnson, was the leading proponent of the Federal highway beautification act, part of which called for control of outdoor advertising, including removal of certain types of signs. You know, like maybe this very one…

Blanco County, Texas
photographed 4.18.2021

Clear Intentions

I definitely got the idea that I needed to go no further onto this property to get the photo. But just in case I didn’t, there was a guy in a truck, off to the right, keeping a close eye on what I was up to. And, I am sure, he was prepared to remind me if I strayed too close.

Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 4.15.2021

That parking lot was LIT!

I drove by here the other day and this sign caught my attention – it caught it to the degree that I went home and got my camera and came right back.

I know what you’re thinking: a Real Photographer wouldn’t have left without a camera in the first damn place. And you’re right.

Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 4.15.2021

Sofa amongst the tile

You surely already know that I like to look inside abandoned places. I like seeing what sorts of things got left behind. I like seeing what’s falling apart. I like seeing what’s still holding on. In this particular case, the sofa looks really sketchy and almost all the ceiling tiles have succumbed to gravity. And that striped wall is still there…

Wickett, Texas
photographed 3.24.2021

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