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If you know anything at all about my photographic eye, you probably know that it’s drawn to the things that are worn out, broken, used up, less than beautiful, easily overlooked.

And that’s why, when I was in the beautiful Beacon Hill neighborhood, I photographed what was left of these leaves after something had snacked on them.

Beacon Hill
photographed 8.28.2021

Patterns of endless repetition



Every now and then I turn my camera away from old buildings. It doesn’t happen often, and I apologize if this shot of some interesting leaves startled you. At least it’s not it color, though, because that would just be shocking.

Taveuni, Fiji
photographed 6.29.2013

March 17

There was drizzle all morning a few days ago; by early afternoon, the plants were adorned with water-drop jewelry.

a dead iris leaf, my backyard

Lubbock, Texas

photographed 3.10.2012

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