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before everything comes undone

Here are some more distant forest fires. The one on the right expanded from a barely-visible wisp of dark smoke to what you see here in about three minutes. It was fascinating. It was horrifying. It was unbelievable. And as sometimes happens, a song lyric presented itself to my brain as I made this image. I heard “got to cover some ground before everything comes undone” from the Bruce Cockburn song “40 Years in the Wilderness”.

Galisteo, New Mexico
photographed 5.15.2022

Air quality warning

A day and a half after the fire, the ruins were still smoldering and acrid smoke hung heavy in the air. In fact, from the edge of town a pall of smoke was clearly visible.

Just after I made this image, firefighters down at the end of the block started spraying down some hot spots.

No word yet from the fire marshal on the cause of the cause of the fire.

Slaton, Texas
photographed 6.16.2019

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