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Bases, covered

WARNING: if you see this place late one night, and decide to return the next day for a photo, DO NOT believe the directions Google maps gives you. Google maps sends you to a vacant lot on a completely different street. What’s up with that, Google maps?

But, as you can see here, I used my sense of direction* and my memory of place to find it anyway. Take that, Google maps.

near Española, New Mexico
photographed 9.1.2019

*Really. It’s my superpower.**
**So, why was I using Google maps in the first place? Because in spite of that strong sense of direction, Española is one of those towns where I can nearly always get myself turned around. My dad was the same way, both with having that sense of direction AND with getting lost in Española. It’s genetic, I guess?

Parking lot religion

Nope. Not one damn idea what is going on here.

But I do feel the need to point out that the tire on the base of the cross is flat. Very flat. Which I assume inhibits its use as a travel cross. If a “travel cross” is even a thing.

Española, New Mexico
photographed 9.1.2019


I didn’t realize what I had for those few years I lived in New Mexico; mostly the Patient Spouse and I were ready to move somewhere else – anywhere else! – from the minute we arrived. I was, clearly, an idiot for thinking the state had “nothing to offer” and “nothing to see” and “nothing to do.” Seriously, this was here all along.

Admittedly, that pile of old clothes there by the fence isn’t all that gorgeous but it does add a certain depth to the image, with the way it echos the shape of the cloud. And anyway, embrace those imperfections, right?

near Española, New Mexico
photographed 9.1.2019

The Posers

What’s happening? Yesterday my post had a half of a person in it, and today there are two whole people. Wow. Believe me, I am as surprised by this as you are.

I sat in this spot for a while, watching a steady stream of people perch on that stone ledge to have their photo taken. Most of them were in poses similar to the one here, which made me start to wonder how they all know that’s The One Right Way To Sit – is there a guidebook or something?

But these two had an added value, of a sort, with the photo-taker also striking a pose.

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 8.26.2019

City in the sky: Cloud Gate

My favorite time to photograph the famous Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago is when the light and sky are just right and the edges of the sculpture blur into the sky. Like this.

Also: look! A person!

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 8.26.2019

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